I decided to create a blog full of money saving tips for people who purchase industrial equipment.

Why Proactive Air Conditioning System Maintenance Is Crucial For Every Business

15 June 2017
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Air conditioning has become a staple for virtually every business operating in Australia today. Its use is prevalent during the hot summer months, but it can also be used during winter months. But like any other appliance used in commercial buildings, air conditioners require proper maintenance to keep functioning efficiently. Smart businesses know that it is important to act pre-emptively when it comes to caring for their air conditioning systems.  Read More …

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Tips for Saving on Industrial Equipment: Shopping and Maintainance Tipe

Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is June, and for over twenty years, my husband and I owned a small cosmetics factory. We had a range of equipment in that factory, and in order to live fruitfully, we had to figure out where we could save money. We learned how to shop effectively for equipment, how to maintain it to avoid costly repairs, how to lengthen its lifespan and more. We worked with a range of industrial equipment from scales to conveyor belts and more. Now that we are happily retired, I have to admit that I miss the process. Because of that, I decided to create a blog full of money saving tips for people who are still in the midst of their working lives. Please, take a look at these ideas. I hope they inform and inspire you.