Different Types of Scaffolding

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Different Types of Scaffolding

15 July 2015
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Scaffolding hire is necessary when height is an issue and safety needs to be improved. There are different types of scaffolding that can be used depending on the type of industrial project that requires this specialised equipment. The type of scaffolding often refers to the way it is used against the structure where it is applied.

The amount of weight that is supported by scaffolding can range depending on type. The right scaffolding hire can make any industrial project simpler and safer:

Scaffolding Hires for Properties

This type of scaffolding is often designed for temporary use alone. This makes it more mobile and allows it to be moved from one location to another with ease. This is not a type of scaffolding that is built to be attached to the structure long-term.

The design and shape of a scaffold for general properties is important. Analysing the location and equipment that will be used on the scaffold is key.

Birdcage Model Scaffolding

This is also a type of scaffold that is referred to as independent. There are normally two different rows of vertical poles that form this specific design. This is a scaffolding type that is reserved for work on one level alone. This means that if you are performing construction to a ceiling, the birdcage model of scaffolding would be ideal.

Assembling and moving this type of scaffolding is possible depending on the overall design. Projects that are contained to one region are most suitable for the use of a birdcage scaffold.

Single Pole Design

This type of scaffolding is exactly what the name alludes to. It has only one pole This means that only one row of standards exists. This type of scaffolding is not designed for use by more than two workers at a time. A project that requires only two individuals to be supported is what this type of scaffolding is intended for.

Suspended Options or Cantilever Types of Scaffolding

For industrial projects that require movement of the scaffolding, there are suspended options. This type can be moved with ease up or down depending on what is required. This is the type that is most often used by window washers for use on structures with many levels.

This is different from a cantilever type of scaffolding that is attached to a structure at one end only. Those on a scaffold that is attached to only one end are often required to wear special harnesses to ensure safety. The type of project will normally decide the scaffolding option that is most suitable for the structure.

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