Supplies For Building Aluminium Patio Covers

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Supplies For Building Aluminium Patio Covers

16 July 2015
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Aluminium patio covers generate a space for you to have protection from rain and wind in bad weather and sit in the shade. Creating your own aluminium based patio cover gives you the option to choose the colour and thickness that coordinates with your house. Aluminium suppliers provide a frame, support beams, posts and aluminium sheets as well as sealant and screws:

Aluminium Covering

Aluminium sheets are available in two basic styles and many pre-painted colours. The flat-pan and 'W' styles are commonly used for patio covers. The sheets are also available in varying thickness. Thicker sheets are better for areas with high winds and can bear more ice and snow weight in winter.


Support posts made from aluminium are generally 4" by 4" in size. They are used to support the weight of the roof on the patio's outer edge. Posts may sit on bricks, concrete or any hard surface. Concrete is the best for creating a footing for posts that are set in the ground. Post anchors should be used for posts that are installed on a wooden deck patio. They will be set underneath the posts' bottom and screwed into the decking.

Support Beams

A frame for the patio's aluminium covering is formed by support beams. The beams run lengthwise down the formwork and are on the outside edge of the structure's circumference.

Sealant And Screws

The aluminium sheets are held onto the framework by screws. All lag bolts and screws require a waterproof sealant application to make sure they will not eventually leak around the base of each hardware piece or rust.

House Attachments

House attachments are not needed to anchor a free standing aluminium patio cover to your home. Lag bolts and C-channel hangers attach the structure to a fascia or wall on a house through the two by four studs on wooden frame homes.

If the house is stucco or brick, it needs specialty lag bolts to attach C-channel hangers for masonry surfaces. For an aluminium patio cover, roof attachment requires lag bolts and 90 degree heavy-duty brackets to anchor the cover.


Directing the flow of rain to prevent it from splashing on your patio may be done by adding downspouts and rain gutters. Good aluminium suppliers should be able to provide you with all these items. Additionally, they should be able to handle the project or recommend someone who can do it effectively.        

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