Conveyor Solutions That Can Keep Your Warehouse or Production Facility More Efficient

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Conveyor Solutions That Can Keep Your Warehouse or Production Facility More Efficient

20 July 2015
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A conveyor is a very common piece of equipment used in a production facility or warehouse, to move packages along quickly and easily. However, today's conveyor solutions involve more than just a standard conveyor belt that is used on a production line, and these many solutions can be used to keep your warehouse or facility more efficient every day. Companies like Belle Banne Conveyor Products specialise in this type of materials handling. If you're in charge of any type of industrial facility that involves getting packages from point A to point B, note a few conveyor solutions you may be overlooking and how they can keep your products moving quickly and safely.

1. Spiral conveyors

When moving packages to a second story or to top shelves in a warehouse facility, you may rely on a forklift and pallets for stacking your packages. Instead, you might consider a spiral conveyor. This is a type of conveyor belt that works like a spiral staircase, and which easily moves packages up or down to high shelves or to an elevated walkway. By using a spiral conveyor, you save the space needed to fit a forklift, and you may note that it's much safer than having the forks of the lift near personnel or other stacked packages.

2. Flexible conveyors

A conveyor belt is set along a wall or in an area where it becomes a permanent fixture. A flexible conveyer is made of rollers along a type of table on wheels, and which can be bent and curved along its middle. If you find that you need to manually change the direction of packages you're moving, such as when delivering received packages to different departments or dropping off packed boxes to different depots, a flexible conveyor can be a good choice. Workers don't need to pick up the packages and put them on a different belt but can simply move the conveyor with them and keep the packages secure on its surface.

3. Pallet conveyor

This type of conveyor sits low to the floor and is sized to fit a pallet exactly, so it stays secure as it moves along the conveyor. Using this type of belt or system of rollers eliminates the need for forklifts in certain areas of your warehouse or production facility, and this can increase worker safety and also cut down on loading time, as a forklift can typically only move one pallet at a time. By using a pallet conveyor, you can keep your pallets moving quickly and securely through your facility.

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