3 Power Tools Every Homeowner Needs that Won't Cost the Earth

I decided to create a blog full of money saving tips for people who purchase industrial equipment.

3 Power Tools Every Homeowner Needs that Won't Cost the Earth

21 July 2015
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Homes are costly enough to own before you factor in the maintenance they require. Calling in a handyman every time something goes wrong will quickly add up as well. Investing in a box of screwdrivers, hammers and pliers, along with these basic but incredibly useful power tools and DIY fundamentals that can be easily picked up from tutorials, will let you save money in the long run .


A power drill makes drilling screws a breeze instead of a chore. Some also have a hammer function. If you're feeling creative, the open-endedness of a drill make for an endless list of household uses. Open up the end of the drill, insert a fork and you've got an electric mixer as an example. Add an augur tool to your inventory; this optional end bit can be used in the garden to plant bulbs, saving on hours of painstaking digging time to achieve neat rows of flowers.

For occasional home use, a chargeable drill with a lithium-ion battery will keep its charge for months, and is completely portable. This makes lithium-ion a leading choice over corded models or nickel-cadmium batteries.

Oscillating multi-tool

As the name "multi-tool" suggests, this is one of the most versatile weapons in a DIY enthusiast's box. They work like a handheld saw, or sander, or any number of other tools, all in one little package. Like the drill, the type of attachment you stick on the end of this tool will determine how you use it. Arm yourself with a range of blades and you can trim wood, sand floors, scrape down paint, or even cut through metal pipes. You can also buy blades specifically for removing grout with incredible effectiveness.


When it comes to cutting through larger pieces of wood with precision control, the jigsaw is your best option. They can also handle thin tile and metal. Having one in the garage will save on calling out a handyman when you've got a simple problem like cutting a hole in a cabinet for a wire to pass through. Look for models built for ease of use; speed control dials are easiest to use when they're on the side of the tool, near where your hands are. 

Nail gun

Round off all your woodworking needs with a nail gun. Not only do they make maintenance jobs go by in a flash, they also insert nails in a much cleaner way than all but the most skilled people can. This makes indents much less noticeable, and far easier to cover up completely.

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