Three Reasons to Buy a Water Cutter for Your Food Company

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Three Reasons to Buy a Water Cutter for Your Food Company

23 July 2015
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A water cutter is a tool that uses high pressured water at extreme velocity and has the ability to cut through material such as metal or stone. This process works the same way as erosion. While erosion can take thousands of years to cut through metal, the water cutter can do it immediately. It can also carve out food and there are three main reasons food companies will employ this tool:


Large food companies have long known of the benefits of using a water cutter. For a small business owner specialising in food production, a water cutter is an invaluable tool to maximise profits. Blades can often quickly become dull. Time is wasted switching out blades on each cutting machine every time it becomes dull. The use of a water cutter saves time since you can constantly use it without any break in productivity. Since the cutting nozzle can be held stationary, it is guaranteed that the water cutter will always make a straight line. Less wasted product do to unsteady lines equals more profit.


Using water to cut through food products is a great idea for safety. Employees are much more likely to hurt themselves on a large blade than on water that is shooting away from them. Using water to cut through the multiple food products will get down on injury in the workplace. Using a water cutter in a food production business offers a unique germ free way to slice through many different edible products.

Germs and bacteria can quickly and easily become attached to steel blades and other cutting utensils. Using a water cutter instead is a sure fire way for the food company to feel confident knowing their product is being sliced by a clean tool each and every time.


Water cutters can be used for many different food products on the market today. Vegetables like romaine lettuce and celery are both easily cut by a water cutter. Bakeries can cut cake in any shapes and sizes with the water cutter. Granola bars, bacon, frozen fish and candy bars are all examples of food items that can be separated into pieces by a water cutter. The stream of water can be as thin as a strand of human hair but still remains extremely powerful. This allows for intricate cutting that could not be achieved by hand.

These are definitely three good reasons to use a water cutter. Contact a company like Intracut if you want to learn more.

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