When Is it Time for a New Pump?

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When Is it Time for a New Pump?

3 August 2015
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There are a few signs to be wary of when you're concerned that your water pump may need repair or replacement. If you start experiencing decreased water pressure, notice dirty water, loud noise, high utility bills, or strange noises and air coming from the faucets, there is likely an issue with your water pump that needs your attention.

Here are just a few ways your pump can be damaged over time and the best way to avoid an expensive replacement.

Power Outage

Water pumps run off of electricity. A significant power outrage will cause the pump to shut down and then if the backup battery is working properly, it will turn on allowing your pump to run for a few more hours in the interim. Extended power outages, flooding, and also numerous outages over time, can cause damage to your water pump.   

Less Pressure from Expansion Tank

Your expansion tank is the area of the pump where water fills, building the necessary pressure for the pressure switch to flip on. When the faucet is opened, the pressure will cause the water to pump through the pipes and out through the faucet. The pump will repeat this cycle until the faucet is closed. However, if the expansion tank begins to lose it's pressure capabilities, the pump will expend more electricity trying to expel water through the faucet. This often causes electricity bills to skyrocket due to the amount of effort the pump is having to expend.

Avoid Replacement with Regular Maintenance

To avoid the need to replace your water pump in the future, the best approach is to regularly service your water pump. An annual consultation with a professional is often the best approach. They'll be able to catch problems quickly and recommend when you need to replace small components of the pump, like the pressure switch or expansion tank. This saves you from paying thousands of dollars for a new emergency replacement pump.

Most homeowners will understand that there is a problem after seeing these things but they may not know the best approach to solve the issue. You should contact a local professional team through resources like www.globalrewinds.com.au as your first step. After hearing some of your issues and a quick consultation they'll be able to diagnose the problem with your pump fairly quickly. A replacement or repair will depend entirely on the damage to the pump and also on your budget.

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