Advice on keeping your two way radios well maintained

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Advice on keeping your two way radios well maintained

5 November 2015
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It is important to protect your valuable possessions from damage and maintain their capabilities. Therefore, you should regularly ensure that your two way radios are in tip top condition. It is an investment that you want to last you a long time. You should treat the periodic maintenance of the radios as a priority rather than a chore. Two way radios are built to last for a number of years. Here are some tips to keep them working seamlessly.


It is important that you keep the two way radios stored in an area that is safe from any impacts that could damage either the exterior or interior of the radios. This area should be an environment that is not exposed to extreme weather conditions such as excess cold or heat. Other environmental factors to watch out for are excessive exposure to sunlight and water. A good way of thinking about where you should store the radios is finding a place that you would be comfortable sleeping in for an extended period of time.

Regular use

There are a few handling guidelines that you should keep in mind when using the two way radios on a daily basis. You should make sure to never hold or grab the radios by their antennas. Excess handling of the antennas will lead to a decrease in signal quality and affect the transmission. Avoid putting them down onto wet surfaces, and keep the radios well away from any drinks or other fluid sources. If you are using them in wet weather, make sure that you wipe all of the surface water off the radio. It can be useful to get waterproof cases for the radios if using them in poor weather conditions is a regular occurrence. By ensuring that the exterior is well protected, you are helping protect the interior, which decreases the need for repairs and having to replace the equipment.


It is extremely easy and quick to clean your two way radios, it is not a big undertaking. You do not need any prolonged cleaning or heavy duty chemicals in the process. The only things you will need are water and a cloth that is made of microfiber. The soft texture of the cloth will clean away any surface smudges and dirt that has accumulated. If there are heavily caked on stains, dampen a cloth with some water and thoroughly clean the radios.

Regular charging

One of the best ways to make sure your radios are working well is to always have them adequately charged. Only use those charging devices that are exactly compatible with the radios. Follow the charging guidelines, as overcharging them can lead to shorter life spans.

For more tips on caring for your two way radios, you may want to contact the manufacturer or supplier you got them from. 

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