Four Items to Help You Avoid Mold and Mildew on Your Timber Crates

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Four Items to Help You Avoid Mold and Mildew on Your Timber Crates

9 March 2016
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Timber crates are a sturdy shipping solution, but if you have to store your crates outside, you need to ensure that they are well protected from the elements. In particular, you need to safeguard your timber crates from rot, mold and mildew. Here are four items that can help you with that task:

1. Tarps

To protect your timber crates from coming into contact with rain, invest in some waterproof tarps. You simply throw the tarps over your crates, and they prevent raindrops from reaching the wood.

Keep in mind, however, that if you wrap the tarps too tightly around your timber crates, they may be prone to condensation. Essentially, as heat builds up under the tarp, water will start to condense, and water droplets will form along the inside of the tarp. Eventually, this moisture will get onto your crates and may lead to rot. To prevent this effect, make sure that your tarps allow in some air. You can do this by leaving a space between the bottom of the tarp and the ground or by ensuring that the tarp has grommets to let air in.

2. A Sunny Spot

Unfortunately, even if you have tarps, your timber crates may occasionally get wet. So that you can dry them out quickly, you need a sunny spot. When choosing a spot to store your crates, pay attention to how much sun exposure it gets. If you choose a shady and dark spot, that creates a hospitable environment for mold and mildew.

3. Sealant

Also, use sealant to protect your timber crates. When you purchase your crates, talk with the sales rep to see if they have already been sealed. If they have been sealed, you don't need to worry about adding more sealant.

However, if they have not been sealed, the wood will naturally soak up moisture. Luckily, you can easily avoid that by painting the crates with a sealant, an oil-based primer or even a coat of water-resistant outdoor paint.

4. A Brick

If you don't have tarps, you can protect your timber crates from rain just with a single brick. Place the brick on the ground in the spot where you plan to store your timber crates. When you situate your timber crate, make sure that part of it is on the brick.

The brick will cause the crate to slant slightly, and as a result, any raindrops that land on the crate will naturally roll down it thanks to gravity. Ideally, you need one brick (or a suitable substitution) for each timber crate that you are storing.

For more tips on how to prevent mold and mildew on your timber crates, talk with a crate salesperson.

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