Reasons to Consider Bamboo Fencing Supplies over Wood

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Reasons to Consider Bamboo Fencing Supplies over Wood

19 May 2016
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When erecting a new fence, the most popular fencing supplies that homeowners consider is wood. Although lumber has been a primary material used in the fencing industry, it is not the most durable or even the most economical option you could consider. If you are looking for a low maintenance option that will still be aesthetically appealing, you should contemplate using bamboo. The following are some of the reasons why bamboo fencing supplies would be ideal for your property over wood.

Bamboo fencing supplies are ecofriendly

If you would like to reduce the overall impact you are having on the environment, then bamboo fencing supplies would be a good place to start. Bamboo is actually not made from timber; therefore, the harvesting of this material does not pose a risk of deforestation. Bamboo is actually a type of hardy grass and it grows at a much faster rate than trees do. As such, there is a constant supply of bamboo and it can be harvested on a regular basis without harming the environment. This unlike numerous wood species that not only take a significant time to mature, but are not replaced as fast as the trees are being felled.

Bamboo fencing supplies are hardy

Another benefit of opting for bamboo supplies is their durability and longevity. Despite being a grass, bamboo material is much harder than several wood species. As such, you can be assured that your fencing will be stronger and more durable than some types of lumber. In addition to this, bamboo is resistant to termite infestations. The reasons for this is that bamboo is high in silica. Silica is a material that termites cannot ingest properly, which makes bamboo unappealing to these pests. This is unlike timber, which would have to be treated on a regular basis to ensure that it is protected from termite infestations.

Bamboo fencing supplies are economical

Due to the fact that bamboo grows at a fast rate and can be harvested regularly, bamboo fencing supplies are always readily available. This makes it much cheaper when compared to wood, which takes much longer to mature. Another reason why bamboo fencing supplies are an economical option is that this fencing is easy to install. Since it does not require a lot of different preparations such as sealing and pretreating, it cuts down on the amount of labour costs involved in erecting it. This makes bamboo fencing supplies ideal for homeowners looking to erect their fencing on a budget. 

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