Integrate Recycled Concrete Into Your Chicken Coop With These Fun Options

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Integrate Recycled Concrete Into Your Chicken Coop With These Fun Options

6 July 2016
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If you are trying to integrate recycled elements in the area you have for your backyard chickens, recycled concrete can be a great addition. Whether you have a concrete slab you need removed or you simply plan to buy recycled concrete from a concrete recycling distributor, there are a number of ways to integrate it into your coop. Check out these ideas:

1. Coop floor

Chicken coop floors are often wood which can be hard to clean, especially if the wood isn't treated and it absorbs moisture from the chicken's waste. In other cases, chicken coops sit on the ground which can be messy and potentially open to predators. You can solve all of these issues by making your coop floor out of recycled concrete.

You simply bury the concrete into the area where you want your chicken coop floor. You can position it so that the pieces of concrete are oriented flush with the ground, or you can create a rough look with the pieces arranged in different directions. Then, you set the coop (which has walls and a ceiling but no floor) on the concrete floor.

Throw down some straw or wood shavings, and the floor is soft and comfortable for your chickens. No animals can burrow underneath through the concrete, and when you want to clean the coop, you can simply spray it down with a pressure washer.

2. Cement Nests

Don't just use the recycled cement on the floor. Arrange the pieces to create a funky looking nest for roosting. It's a fun alternative to wooden roosting boxes and once filled with straw, just as comfortable. Cleaning, again, is simple with the hose pipe.

3. Predator control

In addition to a sturdy coop, you also need a well contained yard to keep your chickens safe when they are walking around enjoying the sunshine and eating bugs. Ideally it should have chicken wire around and above the yard to prevent coyotes wandering in or hawks flying in from above. However, to prevent burrowing, you should bury a layer of recycled concrete around the perimeter of the chicken yard.

When fox or other pests attempt to dig under your fence, they will reach the concrete and stop. To set it up, dig a trench around the outside of your fence, and then, fill it with pieces of recycled concrete. Finally, fill in the rest with dirt.

4. Decorative Paths

In addition to functional uses, recycled concrete can also be decorative around your chicken coop. You can bury it flat to create fun paths winding toward the chicken coop, or you can plant the jagged pieces of concrete into the ground to make interesting borders around your chicken coop.


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