Some Typical Applications of Engineering Plastics in the Home Construction Industry

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Some Typical Applications of Engineering Plastics in the Home Construction Industry

28 November 2016
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Engineering plastics are a special grade of plastic materials whose physical and mechanical properties are much superior compared to regular types of plastics. That's why they are often favoured for industrial and manufacturing applications. If you intend to build a new home some time soon, you may be interested in knowing about how you can use construction products made of engineering plastics. Here is a sneak peek at some common applications of engineering plastics in the home construction industry.


The floors of a house usually suffer the brunt of everyday foot traffic. If this is not taken into consideration at the design stages of your home construction project, you could end up replacing your floors every now and then. Flooring materials such as vinyl tiles are a product of engineering plastics, and they have been tried and tested to last for several years when maintained properly. The poly vinyl chloride resins used to make these flooring tiles is tough and offers excellent wear resistance. In addition, vinyl flooring offers a large selection of styles for every home. Therefore, it is both a functional and aesthetic flooring option for your project.


Engineering plastics such as acrylic are fast-replacing regular glass as a glazing material for modern windows. These plastic material are lighter in weight, clearer and more impact-resistant as compared to regular glass. Aside from that, vinyl and fibreglass are commonly used to make window frames. This means it is possible to install a durable window that is made from plastics alone.

Drain pipes

If you want to avoid issues with metal pipe rust and corrosion, you should consider using PVC pipes for your plumbing. PVC pipes are built tough to bear up to changing water pressures and temperatures while eliminating the issue of rust and corrosion.


If you want to insulate your walls, you can do it with insulation wrapped in engineering plastics. Thanks to their great thermal properties, these panels will be able to minimise heat gain or loss in your home, allowing you stay cool in summer and warm during the cold winter months. If you simply want to decorate your walls, you can use wall coverings made from vinyl.

Suppliers of engineering plastics can provide you with a wide range of products for your home construction project. All you have to do is to talk to them about the specific needs of your project.

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