Three Crucial Guidelines for Choosing Your Industrial Air Cannon

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Three Crucial Guidelines for Choosing Your Industrial Air Cannon

12 April 2018
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If you are interested in enhancing the flow of materials in your silos, bins and chutes, you should think about investing in an air cannon setup. This component will release compressed air into the material-handling system. As a result, it will force pressurised air into the system, preventing the clumping of materials in the channels. With air cannons, you can avoid the common problems associated with inefficient material flow, including downtime and equipment stress. However, you should note that the performance of the equipment will depend on the purchase choices. Here are some simple tips to help you select the best air cannon for your industrial applications. 

Consider Using a Multi-Valve Cannon

You should look for a multi-valve system for your industrial operations. Air cannon with multiple valves will help in distributing the compressed air at different levels simultaneously. In simple terms, a single valve system can only be used to remove compacted material from one channel or component. This can be valuable in simple material-handling machines. However, if you have several points in your operations that require compressed air, a multi-valve setup is more practical and efficient. Moreover, the system will be cheaper than purchasing multiple air cannons.

Consider the Ambient Temperature

You should think about the ambient conditions of your industrial operations before purchasing your air cannon. If your machinery operates at high temperature, you might need to look for a special cannon devised for harsh conditions. For example, if you are operating a biomass energy plant, you cannot use standard cannons for your applications. The high temperature in the machinery could compromise the cannons, making them fail prematurely and perform poorly. Therefore, you should check the specifications of the cannons before purchase and installation to avoid unexpected losses and downtime.

Look for Compatible Piping

You should determine the type of piping which can be connected to your new air canon. In general, it is advisable to choose a system which is compatible with flexible hoses and pipes for your industrial plant. Flexible hoses can be installed in complex material-handling setups without a problem, ensuring efficiency without high costs. You will also be able to deliver maximum air while minimising the length of piping required. When choosing your piping for compressed air, you should also consider its ability to withstand the environment. Flexible pipes might be damaged by heat while metal piping will be susceptible to corrosion.

Finally, you should make sure that your air cannon can deliver the correct air pressure to clear your industrial material-handling setups.

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