What's the Best Drag Broom for Your Tennis Court? An Inside Look at What to Consider in Your Selection

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What's the Best Drag Broom for Your Tennis Court? An Inside Look at What to Consider in Your Selection

11 February 2021
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What's the best thing about playing tennis? Having your own tennis court! A tennis court in your home gives you all the freedom to train and have fun with your kids, family, and friends. But tennis courts do not come cheap. And if you want to get the most out of yours, proper maintenance is a must. Therefore, invest in the right tennis court maintenance equipment. Sweeping and water removal are some of the most essential maintenance needs for your tennis court. The court needs to be free of any dirt and debris that may not only stain it but can also result in slipping or tripping hazards. That's why a tennis court broom is crucial. How to get one? Find out in this piece.

Check Out the Material Options

Tennis court drag brooms come in an array of materials ranging from metal and wood to plastic. Generally, many people prefer metal brooms because they are strong and durable. They also stand up well to the weather elements and are insusceptible to moisture infiltration. However, keep in mind that they tend to be the most expensive. If you are considering metal, go for stainless steel for the best results. If you are on a budget and want something more affordable, plastic would be an excellent choice.

Pay Extra Attention to the Bristles

The bristles are the part on the broom that gets the job done. Therefore, be keen on your selection because the kind of bristles on the broom will determine how effective it is. Generally, strong and hard bristles are more efficient especially on hard courts such as clay. However, for a clay court, make sure you choose one designed for the type of clay on your court, either synthetic or real. Strong bristles made from materials such as steel are also hard-wearing for a long-lasting service.

Don't Forget the Handles

The handles are essential as they allow you to operate the broom. Usually, they come in two main types: straight handles and curved handles. The main difference is that the latter has a section at the top that connects the two sides of the handle. This offers excellent flexibility and ease of use when it comes to handling the broom as you can operate it with only one hand. The length of the handles also matters. Generally, shorter handles tend to offer better court mobility. However, for enhanced efficiency, go for a broom with adjustable handles

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