4 Benefits of Using Slatted Timber Pallet Crates

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4 Benefits of Using Slatted Timber Pallet Crates

9 December 2021
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While standard pallets are often a good storage and shipping solution, there are times when you might prefer to use wooden pallet boxes or crates. For example, slatted timber crates have some benefits over regular pallets and boxes. What are they?

1. Extra Protection

While you can wrap the contents of a standard pallet before storing or shipping it, you might need extra protection sometimes. If you need to load fragile, oddly-sized or valuable goods, then you need some extra packing security.

If you use slatted timber pallet crates, then you basically box up a pallet load. You shut your loads safely in a fully enclosed carrier. You don't have to worry about fragile goods getting a knock that breaks through their pallet wrap; valuable items are safely shut away. The crate's timber slats give each load strong and secure support.

2. More Visibility

If you need to box up products, then a regular closed-sided box does the job. However, it does have some downsides. You can't see inside the box unless you open its lid. You can't easily check the contents of a load or check its condition.

If you use a slatted crate, then you can see through the gaps between the slats. These gaps make it easy to identify a crate's contents. You'll immediately see if a load has a problem.

3. Better Environmental Controls

While pallet boxes give loads extra security, they can sometimes affect how well the load copes in storage or on the road. For example, if the inside of a box gets hot, then the heat, and any moisture that comes with it, could damage some products. If you ship perishables or products that might be affected by heat, then fully-enclosed boxes might not be the ideal solution.

Slatted timber crates give you more environmental control. These crates have gaps all around them. They won't trap heat around a load or expose it to damaging moisture. The slatted design gives you better environmental control.

4. Lighter Weights

If you need to put loads in an enclosed environment, then either boxes or crates will work for you. You should, however, consider how the container you use will affect the weight of your load.

For example, wooden boxes with full side sides will be heavier than slatted timber crates. Slatted crates don't use as much wood, so they are lighter. This could reduce your shipping and storage costs.

To find out more about timber crates and their benefits, contact pallet suppliers. 

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