I decided to create a blog full of money saving tips for people who purchase industrial equipment.

How to install a home elevator with minimal lost floor space

21 July 2015
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Thinking about your options for a more accessible home? An elevator has certain benefits over other options, like stair lifts, but many people are put off by the idea of losing valuable floor space in their homes. While there is inevitably going to be some loss of space, there are models which minimise this to just the size of a large closet -- or even less. Small-shaft models To install a home elevator, you will need to find space for where it's going to go up and down, known as the hoistway shaft. Read More …

Vibration Analysis; an Indication of Equipment Health

20 July 2015
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When you reflect upon the fact that vibration is the sole technology with the capacity to definitely tell you what forces abound inside industrial machinery such as pumps, turbines, rotating motor frame and so on, you can clearly understand why it is certainly a powerful technology. Industrial vibrating equipment serves to identify, forecast, and avert failure in industrial machinery. Today, many industry professionals rely on information obtained via vibration examination as the best sign of equipment health status. Read More …

Conveyor Solutions That Can Keep Your Warehouse or Production Facility More Efficient

20 July 2015
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A conveyor is a very common piece of equipment used in a production facility or warehouse, to move packages along quickly and easily. However, today's conveyor solutions involve more than just a standard conveyor belt that is used on a production line, and these many solutions can be used to keep your warehouse or facility more efficient every day. Companies like Belle Banne Conveyor Products specialise in this type of materials handling. Read More …

Supplies For Building Aluminium Patio Covers

16 July 2015
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Aluminium patio covers generate a space for you to have protection from rain and wind in bad weather and sit in the shade. Creating your own aluminium based patio cover gives you the option to choose the colour and thickness that coordinates with your house. Aluminium suppliers provide a frame, support beams, posts and aluminium sheets as well as sealant and screws: Aluminium Covering Aluminium sheets are available in two basic styles and many pre-painted colours. Read More …

Different Types of Scaffolding

15 July 2015
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Scaffolding hire is necessary when height is an issue and safety needs to be improved. There are different types of scaffolding that can be used depending on the type of industrial project that requires this specialised equipment. The type of scaffolding often refers to the way it is used against the structure where it is applied. The amount of weight that is supported by scaffolding can range depending on type. The right scaffolding hire can make any industrial project simpler and safer: Read More …

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Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is June, and for over twenty years, my husband and I owned a small cosmetics factory. We had a range of equipment in that factory, and in order to live fruitfully, we had to figure out where we could save money. We learned how to shop effectively for equipment, how to maintain it to avoid costly repairs, how to lengthen its lifespan and more. We worked with a range of industrial equipment from scales to conveyor belts and more. Now that we are happily retired, I have to admit that I miss the process. Because of that, I decided to create a blog full of money saving tips for people who are still in the midst of their working lives. Please, take a look at these ideas. I hope they inform and inspire you.